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OK! Fog-It Cold CAR Debug, Sanitize & Freshen

RM 44.99


  • Water and oil (emulsion) based eco-friendly and non-toxic sanitation ULV cold fogging liquid solution & service
  • To eradicate germs, parasites, fungus, creepy crawlies (especially German Cockroaches & Ants) as well as freshen all types of passenger and cargo road vehicles in a fast, efficient and effective way
  • Best when there is an infestation or sudden increase in airborne or contact borne diseases such as common cold, HFM or bad odours due to fungus or bacterial activity as well as a preventive and maintenance operation.
  • Almost no residue (slight residue is present if ambient humidity is high but this an be easily wiped away with a damp cloth)

Child Safe, Pet Safe & Food Safe!


1. Fogging prices (which includes pre-inspection) quoted are for Kl & PJ area .
2. Transportation charges applicable for all other areas.

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