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OK! Fog-It Sanitize Indoor Cold Fogging

RM 149.99


  • Water based eco-friendly and non-toxic sanitation ULV cold fogging liquid solution & service
  • To eradicate germs, parasites, fungus and freshen the air indoors/ outdoors in a fast, efficient and effective way
  • Best when there is an infestation or sudden increase in airborne or contact borne diseases such as common cold, HFM or bad odours due to fungus or bacterial activity.
  • Excellent for any establishment preparing, storing and serving food & beverages especially food trucks and restaurants
  • Food Safe!
  • Suitable for residential and commercial premises, especially in places with high risk populations  (children, seniors, recovering or convalescing patients and expectant mothers)
  • Price of RM149.99 is for up to 500 cubic meters and 1 hour of fogging service
  • Each additional 250 cubic meters is subject to an additional charge of RM50
  • Each additional 15 minutes of fogging service is subject to an additional charge of RM25

Please email for more detailed information.


1. Fogging prices (which includes pre-inspection) quoted are for Kl & PJ area . 
2. Transportation charges applicable for all other areas.

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